Apex Legends Leak Possibly Shows Location of 'Mirage Town Christmas Event'

Apex Legends may have the new Christmas event leaked according to iLootGames who showed an updated mini-map of Season 3’s World’s Edge.

While many suspected that the leaked Mirage-led event was going to be some type of king-of-the-hill event on the train, the new leaks seems to be pointing toward something we've seen before with Wraith and Octane.

Toward the Western side of World's Edge, just west of the Train Yard, there seems to be a section of the map with construction poles surrounding the location. Supposedly, the event will still be some type of king-of-the-hill, but at a different location. Will this be the time for a Mirage rework?  Respawn Entertainment has promised a revamped Mirage which will include changes to his kit and play style. Seems to be the perfect time to unveil it.

However, Respawn is more likely to wait until the new season for such a drastic change.