Apex Legends Leak Reveals Possible Skins for The Old Ways Event

Apex Skin Leaks
Apex Skin Leaks / Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

New Apex Legends skins have leaked as part of The Old Ways event. Here is everything we know about the new skin packs.

Apex Skin Leaks

The Old Ways Event, from April 7-21, features New Town Takeover - Bloodhound’s Trials, Exclusive Event Prize Track, and Direct Purchase Shop - New Event Limited Cosmetics, Return of Legendary Hunt Skins.

Exclusive cosmetic items can be found in the direct purchase shop with a mix of legendary and rare skins inspired by the aesthetics and themes of the Old Ways digital short. The items include weapon variants and four new cosmetic skins. The available skins are:

  • April 7 - April 11: Youngblood Bloodhound Skin, Wise Warrior Bloodhound Skins, Static Maiden Wattson Skin
  • April 12 - April 18: Youngblood Bloodhound Skin and Azure Gaze Crypto Skin
  • April 17 - April 21: Youngblood Bloudhound Skin

In addition to the Old Ways skins, the event "marks the return of the Legendary Hunt Skins. All 8 of the original Legendary Hunt Skins will be on offer for direct purchase in addition to 2 recolored variants of the Wraith and R-301 skins that were exclusive to battle pass owners. As with before, these are still event-exclusive, so they won't be available outside special occasions."

The eight Legendary skins are Voices from the Past (Wraith), Hot Pursuit (Octane), Outland Warrior (Bangalore), Tiger Blood (Caustic), Pain Killer (Lifeline), Snake Charmer (Mirage), and Sunfire Initiate (Pathfinder).