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Apex Legends Leak Reveals Possible Weapon Skins

New Apex Legends weapon skin variants were discovered in a data mine Wednesday.
New Apex Legends weapon skin variants were discovered in a data mine Wednesday. | Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends leaked skins for seven weapons were uncovered in a data mine Wednesday.

The data mine, shared to the internet by prolific Apex Legends data miner iLootGames, revealed seven recolored versions of already existing weapon skins. The weapons likely to receive these skins are as follows:

Apex Legends Leaked Skins

  • Hemlok
  • R-301
  • G7 Scout
  • Havoc
  • Kraber
  • Mastiff
  • RE-45

The Hemlok skin appears to be a recolor of the Cyberian skin, swapping out bright blue for yellow and black for a dark green. The R-301 skin, likely a recolor of the Unsheathed Rebellion legendary skin, mutes the original skin's palette somewhat. It uses black, gold and bronze in place of black, bold, blue and red.

The G7 Scout skin does the reverse to the Cold Justice skin, adding pink, black and dull green to the color palette. The Havoc skin isn't a huge departure from its base, Sonic Empire, but it increases the ratio of blue to gold.

The Kraber appears to build on the steampunk Pioneer skin by fading out the colors more significantly, taking the shine off of the weapon's gold. The Mastiff recolor, apparently based on the Pest Controller skin, exchanges black and red for teal and yellow.

Finally, the RE-45 Pride skin, with is ornate engravings, takes a more muted approach. Faded brass steps in for shining gold and silver, and purple in for the red grip.

Respawn Entertainment has not announced a release date for these recolored skins, and which exact skins they're recoloring remains unconfirmed.