Apex Legends Leak Reveals Previous Event Skins and Emotes Will Return in Season 10

Photo courtesy of Shrugtal/ Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Season 10 is not only getting new content, but some of the best from previous seasons too. One of the biggest problems with event skins is they come and go so quick, and players can end up missing out on great skins.

And if your certain mains don't have cool skins in the new season, you can feel left out. That's where this leak comes in handy. Data miner shrugtal made a video on each returning skin.

Based on the leak, Wraith will receive three skins, while Bloodhound, Pathfinder, Octane, Revenant, Bangalore will all receive one. Seems about right when you consider Wraith the most popular character.

There are a few weapon skins as well, but compared to the skins, they're small potatoes.

In the meantime, players can start enjoying Season 10. Apex Legends has plenty of new content including a L-Star and Fuse buff, giving an underutilized weapon and Legend some love. And fans will finally get their hands on the new Legend Seer.

Having another tracker Legend is important to shake up the Bloodhound meta. It's almost impossible to play high-tier games without Bloodhound. Their abilities are too powerful for tracking down fleeing players while also revealing enemies in a firefight. Seer can now compete in a similar fashion.

Enjoy the new season and you can expect Respawn to reveal this skin bundle in the next week or so.