Apex Legends Leak Reveals Team Deathmatch Mode to be Played on King's Canyon

Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

The latest Apex Legends leak has revealed a new LTM that is all too familiar. It looks like we could be getting a Team Deathmatch style limited-time mode in Apex Legends and it looks promising. Respawn has put out multiple LTM's over the past few years, reusing some such as Armed & Dangerous and Always be Closing. However, it looks like we could be getting a new LTM.

Team Deathmatch is the newest leaked LTM that will be coming to Apex Legends. The newest leak found that there will be a 3v3 TDM style mode where teams spawn at different locations with four different loadout options. There will be three-ring stages, along with many different "arenas" in different King's Canyon locations. All of this coming to us from Shrugtal on Twitter.

This is huge news for those that were always complaining about the "recycled" LTMs that Respawn continued to put out. With this new TDM style, it gives you the opportunity to fight fearlessly, knowing that if you do die, you'll respawn on your location.

The three-on-three format also means that we will still need to be strategic. Players won't be around every single corner waiting to be shot like in Call of Duty. There will still need to be some strategy to the game in order to win it. We'll see how well the game mode plays out.