Apex Legends Leak Reveals Unreleased Content Including Tropic Map, Arenas, and Teasers

Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

We have another leak for Apex Legends as we begin to gear up for Season 8. Toward the end of each season, we begin to get these kinds of leaks and it's always great to get even a brief glimpse of what we can expect to see.

This leak includes a series of screenshots which has names of unreleased content. It appears that the source was posted by a burner account, so it cannot be verified, but it does appear convincing. We do know that Respawn has been working on a few things as we prepare for the eighth Season. However, among this content is some things we haven't seen.

The first thing that stands out is the "Tropic Playtest" which is assumed to be a tropical map since we've seen previous data mined leaks that include information about a tropical map. Along with that we see mention of "Estate Arenas", "Airdrop Takeover Trios", Apex Predator Squads (60 players), and more. These appear to be different game modes, so it looks like we may be getting a lot of LTM's in the near future.

The post was deleted, post was shared again by reliable data miner Biast12 on Twitter. who posted all the pictures and helped give a better understanding as to what everything means in a thread.

Many players have also been calling for more variation when it comes to LTM's recently. And with what we see here, we may be getting exactly what we've asked for. We'll see what Season 8 of Apex Legends will bring us since it is just around the corner.