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Apex Legends Leak Reveals Warlord Collection Event

Some new Apex Legends leak have come to light.
Some new Apex Legends leak have come to light. | Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Some new Apex Legends leak has come to light. Revealing details about the upcoming Warlord collection, in which Bangalore should be receiving her new heirloom. With Season 8 - Mayhem - came many new details: a new map of King's Canyon, and even a new Legend, Fuse. Not forgetting, of course, the many buffs and nerfs that other characters received in this explosive new season.

Another event lined up for Season 8 is the second anniversary collection event - Warlord.

Previous leaks confirmed Bangalore's new heirloom and even the Caustic Town Takeover, but that has not been enough for these data miners who have gone hunting again for new information. And, well they certainly found it.

Apex Legends Leaks: What's There?

As with the other anniversary collection event, data miners have found information indicating that a bunch of new aesthetic changes are also available with new skins being added. Included in this apparently are skins for Loba, Revenant, Rampart, Gibraltar, Caustic, Crypto, and Wattson. As well as Epic skins for Octane, Wattson, Caustic. A whole host of new weapons will also be available. Another leak has revealed a special Loot Tick which will be coded to the event with new colors.

As always there will be event-specific challenges, as well as an event prize track and there even might be a new LTM as well.

The new leaks have managed to confirm the collection event and even uncovered a potential name - Warlord. Whether this will stay the same is unknown, but if Respawn does decide to make a change, it won't be far off. But that is not all as they also uncovered that the event is slated to begin around early March. While no exact date is given, a teaser trailer is apparently scheduled for March 1, so it won't be long after.