Apex Legends Leak Reveals What Ash Looks Like Without Her Mask

"That's what the point of the mask is."
"That's what the point of the mask is." / Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends leak has perhaps revealed the most terrifying aspect of the game's new cold, perfectionistic, power-hungry character — her true face.

Apex Legends: Escape is off and running at a rapid pace, and suffice to say, the simulacrum pilot from Titanfall 2 has been at the heart of the action. From Respawn Entertainment teasing that more of her intentions behind joining the Apex Games will soon be revealed, to players simply finding that combining the Incisive Instigator with Revenant is a pretty deadly combo, Ash has had a pretty good debut upon her entry to the game thus far.

As tweeted by prominent Apex Legends dataminer KralRindo on Thursday, we've been pretty lucky that Ash has been wearing her mask this entire time.

The screenshot is pretty straightforward, showing the character holding the front plate of her mask to reveal her true face: something that ultimately, isn't that bad honestly.

If anything, Ash unmasked looks like an Exo from Destiny.

Without the mask, Ash somehow looks even more serious and deadly, lacking a nose and mouth. Run into her in this state and you can all but assume that you won't escape unscathed.

Upon perusing Twitter, most agreed that the image is "cursed," mentioning that she looks "more menacing." Some were impressed that Respawn took the time to put in the details for her unmasked.

As confirmed by KralRindo in another tweet, Respawn indeed even detailed unmasked Ash on her higher-rarity skins.

While it remains unclear if Respawn plans to release unmasked Ash skins down the line, it's certainly cool to simply even see this hidden easter egg for now.