Apex Legends Leak Shows Coming Storm Point Changes

An in-development Storm Point POI.
An in-development Storm Point POI. / Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/EA, via KralRindo

An Apex Legends leak has revealed some changes in development for Storm Point, including a new pint of interest inside a dead Leviathan.

Data miners uncovered a huge trove of unreleased Apex Legends content March 22, and among the findings is a complete reworking of the Mill POI. The location now features a massive, beached Leviathan that players can walk inside. There are even structures built into the Leviathan's body.

Other new additions include new buildings on the northern and eastern sides of the map.

Storm Point first arrived in Apex Legends in Season 11, released in November 2021. As the game is approaching two seasons between that release date and today, it's to be expected that Respawn Entertainment would look for ways to spice up the map and extend its shelf life.

Respawn Entertainment hasn't confirmed plans to build these new features into the map. Based on previous season release schedules, players expect Apex Legends Season 13 to arrive in early May; if these changes do make it to live servers, it's likely they'll come in that update.

One thing we know for sure is coming in Season 13: improvements to the game's ranked system.