Apex Legends Leak Shows Off Bangalore Mythic Skin

Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

The notorious Apex Legends leak revealed nine upcoming Legends, Storm Point changes, and even legendary skins. And on top of the heirlooms and cosmetics, fans also saw a glimpse of the Mythic Bangalore skin planned to launch at an upcoming event.

Players had their first taste of a "mythic" skin with the first Bloodhound Prestige skin. Fans were able to unlock the skin in the Anniversary event and it gave opportunities to continue to unlock features in the actual skin. It was a fantastic concept except for the price. To get the actual skin, players had to purchase and collect all 24 event cosmetics which can cost up to $164.

You can check out the three different phases the skin has as you unlock different perks. And just based on the leak, the skin seems pretty finished. It has all the textures and details of any live cosmetic, so this could come sooner than expected. The only hesitance is whether Respawn changes things up because of the leak or the poor reception to the Bloodhound skin.

The community would probably be content if the skin was cheaper in every fashion.