Apex Legends Leak Shows Season 14 Collection Event

Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends leak shows off possible skins and cosmetics for an unannounced Season 14 collection event. These small events are usually based on certain themes, and Respawn reveals a few skins for Legends and a few weapons. This will probably not arrive for some time since Season 14 won't launch until Aug. 9.

The code name is "HunterPredator" which makes sense since Season 14 is called Hunted. But there are more than just a few skins. Based on the leak from SenosApex, there was also another phrase datamined, "xxxx Heirloom.” That means players will have a good chance of getting a new heirloom.

Bloodhound would be the number culprit if they didn't already have a heirloom. Loba is the next theory and some fans have already found information for a decorative folding fan. It makes a lot of sense for Loba's personality.

Sometimes these collection events bring new or old LTMs or even POIs changes. If there is a heirloom there is a good chance that the Legend receiving the heirloom receives a new "zone" where Respawn changes up a current POI.

Players will have to wait a few weeks before Respawn reveals the official event.