Apex Legends Leak Suggest Respawn Working on New Classes

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

ThordanSmash posted on Twitter Friday, stating that new classes were in the works for Apex Legends. Since the beginning of the game, only four classes were introduced, categorizing the eight legends. And while that made sense at launch, we now have 21 playable Legends and still only four classes.

The tweet states, "Apex Legends New Leak with a number of new classes being added to the game. This will shift the meta and allow for new passives and fixes for characters who are in classes that don't fit their kit anymore with the number of legend abilities."

As ThordanSmash points out in his video, there are too many Legends placed in weird classes where they don't quite fit, but there is nowhere else to place them. The game desperately needs to have different classes to better categorize them. This would also allow Respawn to continue to tweak certain Legends at the bottom, maybe giving them the freedom to change things up with new classes.

One of the main rumored classes is a "Runner" class placing all the Legends that excel at mobility not just for themselves but their team as well.

This isn't the only behind-the-scenes feature being worked on as Respawn is well aware of the complaints about the Gold Knockdown shield. It once had no issue, but with the increase of golden items in Season 13, players are finding the revive mechanic rather annoying.