Apex Legends Leaker Finds Info Leaning Toward 'Rosie' as Next Legend After Crypto

Apex Legends leaker "That1MiningGuy" believes that the recent footage of the apparent Crypto picture could actually be in fact Rosie. Neither theories have been confirmed by Respawn Entertainment.

Rosie was initially found by a different leaker, along with information on Octane, Wattson, and Crypto. That1MiningGuy suggests that recently added legend Wattson was tutored by Rosie, when she was growing up in King’s Canyon. 

Another one of his critiques is the female is not big enough to motion capture for Crypto, strengthening the argument that it is related to Rosie. 

Nothing has been hinted at when it comes to her abilities or whether she is even an official character in the universe. The supposed leaks have been correct in the past about Octane and Wattson.

There should be some merit in the both theories, but we'll just need to wait and see until more information is shared to the community.

Photo courtesy of That1MiningGuy