Apex Legends Leaker States World's Edge Popular POI Change on the Way

"From what I heard, Fragment would be updated and that streamer building would be gone."
"From what I heard, Fragment would be updated and that streamer building would be gone." / Respawn Entertainment

It appears some major changes may be coming soon to World's Edge in Apex Legends.

As longtime Apex players can likely attest to, the Fragment POI in World's Edge has notoriously been one of the most hectic spots in the game, particularly thanks to its "streamer building" that features multiple floors and ziplines to maneuver.

According to a recent leak, however, it seems the days of Fragment being as currently constructed could be numbered.

On Wednesday, prominent Apex Legends leaker Thordan Smash took to Twitter to essentially tell players to "enjoy" World's Edge while they can, as the "streamer building" will be removed among other updates coming to Fragment.

Additionally, Thordan Smash added that a Town Takeover is planned for Wattson at the Lightning Rod POI on Storm Point.

Ultimately, it would perhaps be no surprise if these rumors turned out to be true.

Back in June, Respawn lead-level designer Jeff Shaw simply tweeted "Fragment," dropping a not-so-subtle hint that the devs were itching to make some noise. At the time, it seemed World's Edge could be the focus of Season 14, but it appears likely that the changes will finally come to fruition in Season 16.

After making its debut in Season 3, World's Edge notably last received some major shakeups in Season 6 and Season 10.

With notable names in the community seemingly having already play-tested the upcoming content, it appears Apex Legends Season 16 is brewing up to be a game-changer.

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