Apex Legends Leaks Hint at New 'Capture' Game Mode

Photo courtesy Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends leaker Shrugtal sparked rumors of a new game mode in Season 9, when they found a codenamed game mode labeled "Capture." Then, in Season 10, Shrugtal found additional information as well as a change in the name to "Control." It's unclear if this is the same game mode or just a change of name, and for now the Apex community will stay in the dark — at least until the official release Shrugtal projects for Season 12.

Leaked Game Mode “Control”

A game mode that is similar to the style of Call of Duty may finally arrive in Season 12, as leaker Shrugtal has unveiled information of a leaked codename, "Control."

As Shrugtal states, "When Olympus was in rotation there was a bunch of map data about a domination game mode called 'Control.'" They also said that its release may be soon, as the most recent game mode, Winter Express, had also come with a different loadout style. Players could be potentially revisiting this load-out style again for the upcoming game mode.

With the new game mode, it is also expected to come with a new rendition of teams, with team sizes ranging from 9-12.

Respawn Entertainment has not revealed any official information about the game mode "Control," but with the new season being released in the upcoming month, Apex players are excited for what is to come.