Apex Legends Leaks Reveal Conduit, Forge Characters

An Apex Legends data miner has discovered two potential upcoming Legends in the game's files
An Apex Legends data miner has discovered two potential upcoming Legends in the game's files /

An Apex Legends data miner has uncovered the names and abilities for two potentially upcoming playable Legends named Conduit and Forge, respectively.

Twitter user and data miner Shrugtal revealed each Apex Legends characters' abilities list in successive tweets published Tuesday.

Conduit, whose subtitle is Overshield Conductor, focuses on shields as the center of their kit. Their tactical ability, Arc Flash, deals damage to Conduit's shields to give allies an overshield. What an overshield in Apex Legends looks like remains unknown.

Conduit's ultimate, Short Circuit, is a projectile Conduit can launch that travels across the battlefield and steals shields from enemies it passes.

Capacitance, Conduit's passive ability, changes their base health to 50 health and 50 shields instead of 100 health. To compensate, they gradually regenerate shield over time.

Forge is described in-game as the Augmented Brawler and appears to have six abilities in the game files. Pull Shot is described similarly to a short range version of Pathfinder's grappling hook. Ground Slam allows Forge to crouch while airborne to trigger a slam into the ground below. K.O. Punch launches Forge forward and allows them to perform a Ground Slam.

One-Two also launches Forge forward, but if they hit an enemy on the way it can be used to launch both Forge and the enemy into the air. On The Ropes buffs melee damage the lower Forge's health is, while dealing melee damage provides a temporary overshield.

Finally, Victory Rush gives Forge a heal and a 30% speed boost for 10 seconds after killing an enemy with a melee attack.

Unlike many of the other data mined characters in Apex Legends, which have been in the files for months, Conduit and Forge only appeared in the files after Tuesday's Patch 3.1.

Code discovered around Forge indicates Respawn Entertainment plans to release the Legend in Season 4, but whether these characters will ever make it into Apex Legends remains unconfirmed.

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts