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Apex Legends Legend Tier List November 2021

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The Apex Legends Legend tier list for November 2021 will be different from last month's tier list because of the legend changes and new legend coming to the game in Season 11.

The newest legend coming to Apex Legends is Ash, the incisive instigator who has a kit built around finding teams from deathboxes and then dismantling them with positioning and area denial.

Apex Legends Legend Tier List November 2021

Remember that legends are in no specific order within their given tiers.

S Tier Legends - Cream of the Crop

The S tier legends are Gibraltar, Valkyrie, Bloodhound and Ash. Gibraltar has been considered a crucial member of any competitive team for quite some time now because of his Dome of Protection. Valkyrie has good mobility independently but can also reposition the entire team with her Skyward Dive. The amount of information Bloodhound gives to the team is unmatched by any other legend. Ash's passive allows her to see all recent deaths on the map and her teleport can give the team a much needed repositioning tool.

A Tier Legends - High Competitive Viability

The legends in A tier are Caustic, Octane, Seer and Wraith. Caustic's Nox Gas is good for both setting up defense and forcing a team out of an area. Octane's Launch Pad is one of the fastest charging repositioning tools in the game. The duration of Seer's "scan" abilities makes him excellent for gathering information on a specific enemy squad. Wraith's small hitbox and teleport have kept her one of the most popular legends in the game.

B Tier Legends - Well Balanced, but Underused

In B tier we have Pathfinder, Horizon, Bangalore and Revenant. Pathfinder has some of the best individual movement abilities in the game, but he cannot reposition an entire team as effectively as other legends. Horizon's ability to secure high-ground is unmatched. Bangalore's ability to cut off an enemies line of sight is one of the most underrated abilities in the game. Revenant's surprise factor has been limited now that enemies are notified of his ultimate ability.

C Tier Legends - Balanced, but Niche

C tier legends include Fuse, Lifeline, Loba, Rampart and Wattson. Fuse can force a squad out of nearly any position without taking much of a risk if he has the grenades available. Lifeline's ability to res and still stay in the fight is strong, but usually not strong enough to sway a fight. Rampart's effectiveness wares off once she has to move away from her amped cover. Wattson's ultimate will likely be huge in Season 11 because it will now last forever.

D Tier Legends - Competitively Unviable

The D tier legends are Crypto and Mirage. Crypto has a ridiculously high skill floor meaning players will have to put in hours of practice before they feel confident with the drone. Mirage adds next to no value to any team in Apex Legends.