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Apex Legends Legend Tier List October 2021

Fuse in Apex Legends
Fuse in Apex Legends / Credit to Respawn/EA

The Apex Legends Tier List for October 2021 might look different than the legends tier list of September because at least one legend has received a substantial buff.

This tier list was made specifically with ranked gameplay in mind, and legends are not in any particular order within their given ranks. Legends were organized in this tier list based on the following criteria: individual value, value added to a team, and versatility across different team compositions.

Apex Legends Legend Tier List October 2021

S Tier Legends: Cream of the Crop

In S Tier we have Gibraltar and Bloodhound. Gibby is such a strong character that many competitive teams are built around him and his Dome of Protection. His Dome of Protection provides something to the team no other legend can: immediate protection from all damage in nearly every direction. Bloodhound is able to "reveal" enemies more often than any other legend and their ultimate ability gives them the edge in most fights.

A Tier Legends: Never a Bad Pick

A Tier legends include Wraith, Octane, Seer, and Valkyrie. Wraith's portal is one of the best rotation tools in the game and her tiny hitbox makes her difficult to shoot in gunfights. Octane's Launch Pad is most versatile reusable movement abilities in the game. It can be used to gain positioning, push into a team or run from a team. Seer mostly serves the same role and Bloodhound, but is stronger when used more defensively. Valkyrie's Skyward dive is the furthest reaching rotation ability in the game and her jetpack allows her to reach places other heroes cannot.

B Tier Legends: Viable Picks

The B Tier legends are Pathfinder, Caustic, Horizon, and Revenant. Pathfinder has some of the best individual movement in the game, but unfortunately, his Zipline is usually outclassed by Octane's Launch Pad. This is because the Zipline can only move a team in a straight line, whereas a single Launch Pad can be used in any direction. Caustic is able to lock down just about any area but relies on his team to reposition safely. Horizon's Gravitational Lift is perfect for moving a team to higher ground, but there isn't always a height to reposition to, hurting her overall viability. Revenant is perfect for teams who like to make wild pushes, but his ultimate's power has been reined in overtime.

C Tier Legends: Situationally Viable

In C Tier there is Lifeline, Loba, Bangalore, Fuse, Rampart, and Wattson. Lifeline's passive is very strong, but unfortunately, she doesn't add much of anything meaningful to the team other than that. Loba will ensure that a team is always well kitted, but doesn't provide much other than armor swaps in the late game stages. Fuse is somewhat of a special case because he provides to the team through pure damage and area denial. If he isn't in a situation where his endless barrage of grenades are useful, then he brings nothing to the table. Rampart and Wattson both lock down an area well, but they struggle when forced to rotate.

D Tier Legends: Buffs Needed

The only two legends in D Tier are Crypto and Mirage. Crypto can actually provide incredible amounts of information to his team, but unfortunately he leaves himself vulnerable and his team without a third fighter in order to do so. There is a community rework for Crypto that would fix this problem and improve his viability. Mirage is easily one of the most fun characters to play but let's be honest, he adds next to nothing to any team composition.