Apex Legends

Apex Legends Lifeline Town Takeover Appears to Leak

Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment, via u/ezra_rc on Reddit

A recent Apex Legends leak appears to show a new area on the Apex Legends map Olympus. The new area is themed around one of the game's original characters: Lifeline.

A Town Takeover is when an area is either added or changed to fit one particular Legend thematically. Since Lifeline's Clinic will be on the map Olympus, it will join Pathfinder's Fight Night as one of only two Town Takeovers in Olympus history.

Leaker u/ezra_rc on the Apex Uncovered subreddit revealed three images of the Takeover. The first is what this new building will look like from the outside. Players will be able to see this building from afar due to the building's large size and the large medical cross on the top. As of now, the building is being called the Lifeline Clinic, but the name has not been confirmed just yet.

In the second image, there seems to be plenty of loot available for the players. In the center, the hue of a purple body armor can be seen, which could mean that the Lifeline Clinic may have high-tier loot. We won't know until this building is added to the game, but the Lifeline Clinic may become a hot drop for some teams — assuming the leak is accurate.

In the last available image, two medkits can be seen placed on the wall. That makes sense as this is a new building themed around the combat medic. It would make sense for there to be plenty of medkits and other healing items available all throughout the clinic.

Respawn Entertainment has not confirmed the contents of the leaks.