Apex Legends Loot Ball Becomes Insta-Kill in New Glitch

Respawn Entertainment/bigdealmo via Reddit

The usually harmless Loot Ball in Apex Legends has been causing havoc in recent Apex matches.

Collecting loot in Apex Legends is usually a pretty straightforward activity. With plenty of ways to get yourself geared up in a match, most players just locate loot, pick it up and then go about their day. But a video has surfaced on Reddit of a strange new glitch involving the Loot Ball in Apex Legends where players aren't quite walking away with the spoils as they should.

In the clip, user bigdealmo is seen shooting the ball from the sky and letting it drop onto the platform below. But, instead of collecting the loot, the player instead drops dead.

The kill was initiated by attacking the ball with a melee attack. The user joked that the Loot Ball was now "more deadly than a Kraber" sniper rifle.

According to others in the thread, the glitch might not be as prevalent as first thought. "Seen this many times and it always involves those moving bridges," user bellonj1 said.

"If you melee it open while the bridge is moving you will die. I doubt this will get fixed since it's extremely situational and has been around for a long time now."

Another user said, "it's the moving bridge clipping OP into the ball and registering it as being critically stuck, which gets resolved with a death by being crushed..."

"In short, don't punch cargo bots on moving things."