Apex Legends Lore Reveals Relationship Between Octane and Lifeline

Apex Legends lore between Octane and Lifeline was revealed Friday.
Apex Legends lore between Octane and Lifeline was revealed Friday. /

Respawn Entertainment released a video Friday revealing the relationship between Apex Legends characters Octane and Lifeline.

The video, which can be viewed on the Apex Legends YouTube account only by people with a direct link, shows a chat log between the two Legends in which their long friendship is made apparent. The chat also reveals that Octane received his prosthetic legs from Lifeline by manipulating her.

Apex Legends Lore Revealed

After losing his legs to a grenade in a stunt gone wrong, Octane went to Lifeline's clinic for care. While he was there, Lifeline saw he had received a letter from his wealthy parents promising him a job at their company.

Octane's prosthetics secured, Lifeline went to explain to his parents that, though the offer was kind, Octane would never accept. While there, she learned Octane had faked the letter.

By the time she returned to the clinic, Octane had disappeared with the prosthetics before the staff could test them. Their conversation via text message shows Lifeline grow increasingly frustrated with Octane, ultimately blocking him.

This is the first piece of lore to be released for Octane. Lifeline previously had information about her past revealed by a letter from a fan.

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts