Apex Legends Lunar New Year Bundles Leak

Photo courtesy Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts

Respawn Entertainment appears to have big plans for the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday, as leakers have found numerous bundles that are expected to be released on Lunar New Year. Starting Feb. 1, players can likely expect to see a variety of Legend and weapon skins, and an Apex pack.

Apex Lunar New Year Leaked Bundles

Leaker KralRindo has revealed several bundles that are expected to be released around Lunar New Year, which is also known as Chinese New Year. 

Commonly Respawn releases content for the various holidays and celebration events that pop up throughout the year. And with the start of February, the Lunar New Year starts off the month with festivities, carrying into the game of Apex Legends as Respawn is planning to release eight new bundles.

The bundles that are included are:

  • Going Dark Bonus Bundle
  • Mortal Coil Bonus Bundle
  • Royal Huntsmen Bundle
  • Solaris Bundle
  • Warlord Bonus Bundle
  • Woad Warrior Bonus Bundle
  • Good Fortune Bundle
  • Wish You Wins Bundle

As many of the bundles are not inherently related to Lunar New Year, there is much speculation about how the bundles relate to the overarching plot that is in Apex. Woad Warrior may be a Wraith skin, and Warlord and Royal Huntsmen could be for either Bangalore or Bloodhound.

As the holiday season blesses those with good luck and fortune, hopefully these bundles will drop all at once. If not, it is likely that players will see them released over a period of time.