Apex Legends Maggie Teaser Confirms Leaked Weapon Attachment

Photo by Respawn Entertainment

With Season 12 of Apex Legends arriving soon, plenty of new content will be coming to the game alongside new Legend Maggie. Thanks to the latest reveal teaser, we now know that Mad Maggie will be joining Apex as punishment for her crimes against The Syndicate.

However, in the reveal, we also catch a small glimpse of something else that has been leaked in the past - a brand new attachment. This trailer may have confirmed that the green laser sights leaked previously are finally heading to Apex Legends.

In the trailer we clearly see Maggie being held at gunpoint by Syndicate soldiers. This seems normal, however, what's significant is that bright-green laser sights are trained across the unhinged woman’s body. A less-than-subtle confirmation of leaks from KralRindo, who speculated these sights, along with a few other attachments, could be coming in Season 12.

While this has now been all but confirmed, players are left to speculate about the other attachments that were revealed around the same time. These include the Explosive Lobber for the L-Star and the Kinetic Loader for the Volt, Peacekeeper, and Alternator. Respawn could also not release the green laser sights right away, instead opting to continue to work on it before releasing it in Season 12.