Apex Legends

Apex Legends Makes Big Changes for Season 8 Ranked Play

Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

With Season 8 of Apex Legends quickly approaching, Respawn has disclosed what we can expect for ranked play in the upcoming Season. Along with the changes we can expect we also received news of the state of ranked play as well.

According to Respawn devs, Season 7 ranked play had a higher playtime and player count than it had in previous seasons. This is great news for the state of ranked play overall, hopefully, in Season 8 this trend continues for competitive play. Respawn also posted the results of the Season 7 tanked play as well. This is only for players who logged at least five hours of Ranked Play.

  • 16.35% Bronze (17.76%)
  • 23.86% Silver (26.23%)
  • 32.09% Gold (36.25%)
  • 23.13% Platinum (17.75%)
  • 4.37% Diamond (1.89%)
  • 0.20% Master & Apex Predator (0.12%)

Now as for the changes you'll see in Season 8. Respawn stated they always have an on-going goal of ensuring competitive integrity through skill-based matchmaking. In order to ensure that, they are going to create a healthier top end in Diamond +. This means the pool of Diamond players and higher will actually be increased. Respawn also said they are looking to improve match quality as well. Meaning they are aiming to fill most, if not all, players into the match that are the same rank or tier as yourself. To support these goals, they have made the following changes to Ranked Play.

  • Earn placement RP earlier in a match placement.
  • Kill/Assist count has been raised to 6
  • Assist Threshold Increased to 10 seconds
  • Predator has been increased to the top 750 players
  • Matchmaking Tightening

In addition to the changes, players are also excited about the fact that Diamond Skydive Trails will be making a return as a ranked reward. Lastly, the split dates for Season 8 are on March 23. Kings Canyon will be the first map, followed by a trip back to Olympus. Those are all the changes to expect in the Season 8 ranked play of Apex Legends.