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Apex Legends Meta Changes are on the Way According to Dev

Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

As in any multiplayer game, there will always be a meta. Apex Legends currently finds itself in a meta that has players wanting change.

The current meta revolves around movement and gaining knowledge about enemies. The two legends who epitomize that are Seer and Valkyrie. Valk is one of, if not the best legend for movement due to her jetpack. And Seer's tactical and ultimate abilities make him one of the best scanning legends.

The current meta revolves around movement and gaining knowledge about enemies
ALGS Legend Pick Rate / Photo Courtesy of @alphaintel on Twitter

Another legend that is commonly seen, especially in the competitive game modes is Gibraltar. The only real hard counter to one Gibraltar, is another Gibraltar.

Players are asking for a change to this current meta. They want an even playing field of all legends instead of just three or four of them dominating the playing field.

At first, changes were not going to happen until after the ALGS. But with the ALGS finishing and DarkZero being crowned champion, these changes may be on the way.

In a Twitter thread, TSM streamer and employee, Dunc asked for a change to the meta so we see less of certain legends. In addition to meta changes, Dunc mentioned the addition of another competitive map. This second map would change the competitive landscape as players would have more variety.

Senior Producer for Apex Legends, Josh Medina commented on Dunc's tweet and told him that changes are being worked on. This is huge news for the Apex landscape as big changes are on their way.

Medina did not confirm nor deny the addition of another competitive map. So it is very possible that a second competitive map may come with this next meta update.

These changes do not have a timetable currently but should be expected to come with the start of Season 14 halfway through next month.