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Apex Legends Mirage Player Pulls Off Gutsy Bamboozle

This Mirage player managed an especially gutsy bamboozle.
This Mirage player managed an especially gutsy bamboozle. | Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players love to complain about Mirage's abilities, claiming they rarely fool opponents as they're intended to, but perhaps it is merely a lack of imagination and guts that prevents them from finding success.

This clip, posted to the Apex Legends subreddit Wednesday by u/SolidSnackCQC, shows what those traits, in the right combination, can accomplish. As the clip begins, SolidSnackCQC is fleeing an enemy team intent on hunting them to the death. They have no weapon and no teammates to help bail them out.

One shot from death, SolidSnackCQC makes one last desperate trick. After breaking line of sight with their attackers, they send a hologram clone running in one direction, and run in the other. Then, rather than continue to run, they freeze in place in the same way a clone might.

The enemies see them stop and assume the other Mirage must be the real one, rushing past to chase it. SolidSnackCQC uses the opportunity to sprint in the other direction and escape an apparently impossible encounter, pulling off an incredible bamboozle.