Apex Legends Mirage Town Takeover Event Details Leaked

Details of Apex Legend's next event Mirage Town Takeover has been leaked by data miners.
Details of Apex Legend's next event Mirage Town Takeover has been leaked by data miners. / Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Details of the upcoming Town Takeover event for Apex Legends hosted by the game's very own narcissistic trickster Mirage has been leaked. The event is set to take place sometime soon, and Veteran players already know numerous map changes will come about with their experience with previous events, but thanks to data miner That1MiningGuy we know exactly to expect with Mirage's Town Takeover.

According to previous leaks concerning the event, a new landing zone would appear above Thermal Station and below Lava Fissure. That1MiningGuy has revealed that this location will be called Sleek City. The data miner has also uncovered other details about this new location, including various items being introduced with the new area, including a hot tub, pork chops, lootball launchers, fireworks, and an unknown item called lootcap. No images have been leaked of Sleek City or any other new features yet.

That1MiningGuy also unveiled other upcoming features, including a Winter Express limited time mode that will also be hosted by Mirage. He has leaked a supposed loading screen for this LTM on Twitter that depicts a train adorned with wreaths, ornaments, and candy cane wallpaper.

Respawn has yet to comment about further details regarding the Town Takeover event or the Winter Express LTM, but with The Game Awards set to air Thursday night with Apex Legends being nominated for several categories, we can expect to hear from them soon. Mirage has been the poster boy for Respawn's TGA campaign, so it is very likely his in-game events are tied with an announcement during the ceremony.