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Apex Legends Monster Energy Rewards and Skins Revealed Via Leak

Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/Monster Energy

Following on from the beginning of the Apex Legends and Monster Energy collaboration early last month, a number of in-game rewards have been revealed.

The Apex Legends/Monster Energy collaboration began on Aug. 1, tasking players with purchasing specific cans of Monster Energy containing promotional codes. From September, players can redeem these codes to unlock a variety of in-game rewards.

This next stage of the promotion runs until Dec. 31, so players have until then to redeem as many codes as they deem necessary. Depending on how many codes players redeem, rewards including skins, charm, and Battle Pass levels can be earned.

Prominent Apex Legends leaker Shrutgal posted the rewards on Twitter.

How to Get Apex Legends Monster Energy Rewards

To redeem every available reward, players will need to drink a total of 60 cans of Monster Energy. Somewhat fortunately for personal health, players have until the end of December to take part in the promotion. Here's a list of main rewards, and how many cans you'll need to earn them:

  • Multi-Tier Badge 1/5 - 1 can
  • Volt SMG skin: Vapour Trailed - 10 cans
  • Multi-Tier Badge 2/5 - 15 cans
  • Octane Rare skin: Abstract Splash - 20 cans
  • Multi-Tier Badge 3/5 - 25 cans
  • Wraith Rare skin: Energy Transfer - 30 cans
  • Multi-Tier Badge 4/5 - 35 cans
  • Gun Charm: Danger! - 40 cans
  • Multi-Tier Badge 5/5 - 45 cans
  • Holo Spray: Energy! - 50 cans

Every five cans also seems to net players one Battle Pass level.

To redeem the codes, players will need to register on the Apex Legends/Monster Energy site.