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Apex Legends Monsters Within: Legends Cosmetics

Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment
Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment /

With the new Monsters Within event, there will be a large amount of new content entering Apex Legends. With this new content comes an abundance of new things for players to earn and experience, including new cosmetics. A major part of this is the new spooky skins for Legends in the game, which will be available when the event launches.

Apex Legends Monsters Within: Legends Cosmetics

There will be multiple ways to get access to the new skins in the Monsters Within event. One way is through the reward track, which players will be able to progress through as they play and eventually earn a new Loba skin. There will also be new cosmetics in packs for players to enjoy. These can all be earned for free or relatively cheap just by playing.

These new skins can also be gained in the Apex Legends shop. All of these skins will be available for around 2150 of the in-game currency, and each has its own theme. This includes a scarecrow Bloodhound, a witch Wraith, a vampire Crypto, as well as many more fun costumes. These skins will rotate in the shop in phases, with some being in the shop from Oct. 12-26 and then the second phase beginning on Oct. 26 and running through the end of the event on Nov. 2. All of these skins will begin to become available when the new Monsters Within even launches in a few weeks on Oct. 26.