Apex Legends new character is expected to be announced or revealed once the next season of the game starts.

Octane, the first new Legend introduced to the game, debuted in Season 1 and fans are anticipating the next addition. With no clear indication on what kind of character is coming, the speculation is running high.

Here are three features we'd like to see for the next Apex Legends character.

Apex Legends New Character: 3 Features We'd Like to See

Attachment Upgrade

Weapon attachments are a focal point of weapon gameplay in Apex Legends. Lifeline already serves as a support character with her care package ultimate, but what if it was more refined.

This next hero could upgrade one attachment on a gun, whether specified or random, to the highest quality. Or, they could turn one gun into a fully decked out version.

Universal Teammate Shielding

Imagine instead of Gibraltar's big bubble shield this next character could shield his/her teammates all at once. It would serve as a great tool in team fights and skirmishes.

Revive Ability

Okay, yes this might actually break the whole game. Apex Legends introduced respawning as a core mechanic of battle royale. But, imagine if one player could revive a teammate once per match? A la Mercy in Overwatch, this might break the whole game, or it might be a fun innovation.

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts