Apex Legends Oct. 17 Patch Notes

Respawn Entertainment has pushed out a small patch for Apex Legends on Thursday that targets the game's prevailing problems. The changes include adjustments to the new Charge Rifle, Quips, and storm circle.

Apex Legends Patch Notes

Charge Rifle Nerf

Among the changes included a much needed nerf to the overwhelming powerful Charge Rifle which debuted in Season 3 of Apex Legends. The gun has constantly been the source of frustration for players as it had the ability to gun down any player it came across.

The changes to the Charge Rifle revolve around ammo consumption, as the rifle now uses 3 energy ammo per shot and magazine sizes have been adjusted to the following values:

  • No Extended Mag - 9 Ammo (3 Shots)
  • Level 1 Extended Mag - 12 Ammo (4 Shots)
  • Level 2 Extended Mag - 15 Ammo (5 Shots)
  • Level 3 Extended Mag - 18 Ammo (6 Shots)

    Quips and Initial Storm Circle Adjustments

    Another annoyance Respawn has addressed in this patch was the use of Quips during Drop Ship, as players complained that it would get obnoxiously noisy as everyone spammed their Quip at the start of the match.

    The initial storm circle has also been fixed so that when the circle begins, players will no longer get caught outside of it.

    The full patch notes have been provided by Respawn Entertainment here.

    Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment