Apex Legends Olympus Map Guide: Points of Interest

Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Season 7: Ascension of Apex Legends is finally available to play, and the third Apex Legends arena, Olympus, is available to explore. We've got everything you need to know about the new map and its key areas.

To start, this map has a completely different feel from previous maps. Olympus truly has the aesthetic of a futuristic city in the sky. However, outside of just the look of Olympus, we also now have the Trident and Phase Runners available to use.

The Trident vehicle spawns on the outer edges of the Olympus map and can spawn in different locations along the perimeter. As for the Phase Runners on the map, you can phase between Hydroponics, Hammond Labs, or Underpass (near Energy Depot).

There are 15 points of interest on the map. These locations are all very tightly packed together compared to Kings Canyon and World's Edge. So navigating the more clustered areas is something that you'll need to get used to. The Points of Interest are as follows.

1. Docks

2. Power Grid (Primary and Secondary)

3. Velvet Oasis

4. Arcadia Supercarrier

5. Rift Aftermath

6. Hammond Labs

7. Autumn Estates

8. Energy Depot (Underpass)

9. Golden Gardens

10. Grow Towers

11. Orbital Cannon Test Site

12. Solar Array

13. Bonsai Plaza

14. Hydroponics

15. Elysium

The map will definitely take some getting used to, however, everyone excited about dropping Olympus!