Bloodhound Upgraded to Ultimate in New Apex Legends Patch

Bloodhound received a small upgrade to its ultimate in the new Apex legends patch, which went live Tuesday and brought the Grand Soirée event. This is one of a few changes shared to Reddit that weren't in the patch notes.

Reddit user th3professional posted about the change to the Beast of the Hunt ultimate and showed an image with a distinct difference.

Photo courtesy of th3professional

Bloodhound can now see colors a bit better during the ultimate especially when it comes to armor. Always a sore spot for Bloodhound mains, when using the mode, it's easier to spot enemies at a distance or up close, but looting in any form is rather difficult.

Members on Reddit were quick to point out that this change is more prominent in the Tritanopia Colorblind setting. If you're playing in a normal version, the change is more subtle and hard to see, but if you're using the colorblind mode, it's pretty substantial.

Apex Legends only has the mode on PC, so console is behind in that area as well. Since the change was rather small, it probably explains Respawn Entertainment's decision to leave it out of the patch notes.

Whatever mode you use, Bloodhounds should be able to distinguish armor better now.