Apex Legends Pathfinder Ability Glitch Uncovered

Photo courtesy Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends' Pathfinder has an ability glitch that has been recently found by a player. This glitch demonstrates how Pathfinder is able to essentially catapult into the sky at a rapid speed. Depending on the user, this new feature can be utilized in a unique way, but also has its negatives if done improperly.

In a recent Reddit post by user Dirty_Skirty, they demonstrate a recent bug found with Pathfinder using his Grappling Hook ability to whip around the map. In regards to its effectiveness, considering that it ‘Super Launches’ Pathfinder to the sky while slowly falling, the direction can really play a big role in deciding how the outcome of this feature can be used.

Apex Legends Pathfinder Ability Glitch Uncovered

Before getting into the pros and cons of this bug that players can take advantage of, first how does Pathfinder catapult in Apex? When a player comes across a cargo bot in-game, Pathfinder can use their Grappling Hook ability, target the bot, and pull to the point where the Legend then goes flying either vertically or horizontally off the map.

The real advantage to using this feature is getting away from situations, especially if a player is the last one alive on their team. By utilizing this bug, players can launch themselves vertically and land nearby in order to get away and prepare for the next battle ahead.

But as Dirty_Skirty had stated, “It’s all about timing.” As one wrong move will send a player flying off the map just as fast.

This glitch is not necessarily a fix that needs to happen immediately, considering that it doesn’t impact the game in a monumentally game breaking way, but Respawn should still address the new discovery.