Apex Legends Pathfinder Skins are some of the most contrasting, unique, and well designed of all of the legends in the game. Here, we will go into detail about all of the skins that are available in-game for Pathfinder.

Recently, Respawn Entertainment has been posting hype trailers for the upcoming Iron Crown Collection Event via Twitter. One of these skins, for Pathfinder, is called War Machine. It is a legendary skin that will become available during the Iron Crown Collection Event.

Apex legends Pathfinder Skins: Every Skin Available

This will be the 46th skin for Pathfinder and his eighth legendary skin. Currently, Pathfinder has 16 common skins (including his default skin), 16 rare skins, six epic skins, and seven legendary skins. A vast majority of these skins are available for purchase with crafting metals and can be found in loot boxes.

The Dreadnought skin is a rare skin that requires you to achieve the first level of the Season 2 Battle Pass which must be purchased. The Sunfire Initiate skin is an epic skin that can only be purchased with 1,000 apex coins as opposed to the usual 400 crafting metals.

The Omega Point legendary skin was only available for users who linked their Twitch Prime account to their Origin account during February of 2019. The Green Machine and Bot of Gold skins are legendary skins that already require you to have The Aviator and Quicksilver legendary skins respectively in order to purchase them. Once you have the respective skins, you need to pay 10,500 Legend tokens in order to get them.

You can find all of Pathfinder's Apex Legends skins as well as the cost and requirements to get them here.

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment