Apex Legends Player Channels Kung Fu Movies to Win Early Game Fight

This Apex Legends player channeled Jackie Chan in this frantic early game fight.
This Apex Legends player channeled Jackie Chan in this frantic early game fight. / Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

The most frantic part of any Apex Legends game is the desperate scramble for weapons when players first touch down. This goes double for high traffic areas, where things can get particularly hectic as fists start flying in the pursuit of guns.

This clip, posted to the Apex Legends subreddit Wednesday by u/SzyjeCzapki, shows a particularly zany game start.

SzyjeCzapki and their team landed at Skyhook and quickly found themselves under attack from another team that landed at the same location. SzyjeCzapki was weapon-free when their one teammate went down, so they decided to step in with the weapons God gave them — good old fashioned fisticuffs.

The first enemy they took on was similarly without weapons, and they dispatched them without taking a lick of damage. They then ran off and took a hanging zipline down one floor to jump out and flying kick an armed enemy, then bounce off and ride back up before they could return fire.

They dodged back and forth on the zipline, flying up to the roof and avoiding shots, only to drop back down to the ground floor. They picked up an Arc Star and climbed back up. In a heavy smoke screen, they found an enemy and stuck the Star to their chest before turning around yet again.

The Star didn't kill the enemy, so SzyjeCzapki jumped back in to deliver the killing blow personally. Before they could escape again, they ran into an enemy Wraith carrying an automatic weapon. Dodging the bullets, they shot up the zipline again to break line of sight, but instantly turned around, dropping back in to kick the Wraith in the chest.

Three more punches, all while dodging shots, and SzyjeCzapki had killed an entire team without a gun, and without taking a single hit. Almost makes you wonder why they picked one up from the dead enemies.