Apex Legends Player Comes Up With Ridiculous Idea to Win a Match

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends player had an interesting question and proposes a rather incredible strategy. Would it actually work? Probably not as you think since it's all dependent on if the rings would land in your area. A Valkyrie main found an ultimate accelerant on the supply ship, which allowed them to use the ultimate before the ship disappeared.

For those who don't know, you can hold the the ultimate indefinitely before launching in the air, but it's dangerous and makes you exposed. So that's where this trick comes into play.

Since you're on the ship, it would start the ultimate elevated above the ground and once the ship starts to descend, you would stay in place, frozen in the sky. This is as close as the game could come to a sky bridge in Fortnite, where players would build as high as possible and build a bridge into the zone, hoping no one would look up.

It would be hilarious to see the final circle of players running around unaware of the Valkyrie above them. But the reality is this is just a gimmick. The odds of you finding an ultimate accelerant on the first ship, and then having every ring land with you inside would be almost impossible.

If you're going to attempt it, it's got to be a day where you're fine with spending a lot of time failing. Or one where you set a goal. Kind of like this one, "New goal, win without ever touching the ground."