Apex Legends

Apex Legends Player Creates 'Health Strike' for the Community

Photo courtesy of Redditor u/writing-nerdy

The Apex Legends community is tired of the server issues in Season 10. While Apex Legends might have an all-time high of players thanks to problems with Warzone, Respawn is not capitalizing on the numbers. Instead of a polished product, the game is having some of the worst server issues in the game's history.

In the past, Apex Legends struggled to maintain its growth out of the gate because of a lack of content. The game had Season 0, 1, and 2 all on the same map; a difficult to sell compared to Fortnite's drastic changes every eight to 12 weeks. Eventually Respawn found a good rhythm of content, but server issues have been a nuisance.

That's where Redditor u/writing-nerdy decided to do something about it. Fed up with the current state of the game, Writing-nerdy decided to create a strike where players would boycott Apex Legends in hopes of getting Respawn's attention. Their goal is to push Respawn to start focusing on server capacity and fixing bugs and exploits. The game is filled with them and some have been around for months.

One Respawn developer has responded saying that this is most likely not going to happen. According to the developer, too many members of Respawn's team would be sitting around doing nothing if the company just focused on maintenance. This goes to show, maybe Respawn needs to hire more members of its team to focus on server and gameplay maintenance.

Either way, I doubt this will do anything in the longterm, but Respawn is aware of the problem and is working on a fix.