Apex Legends

Apex Legends Player Demonstrates How 'Not' to Throw Sky Nades

"Dude, I do not know how to throw sky 'nades apparently."
"Dude, I do not know how to throw sky 'nades apparently." / Photo courtesy of BottlecapYT, Respawn Entertainment

Over on the Apex Legends subreddit, there are plenty of community-made threads showcasing tricks of the trade that can be used to teach newer players how to pull off game-changing plays.

This sky grenade play was no exception, just not in the way most would expect.

As posted by u/BottlecapYT on Oct. 13 with the title, "Advanced Grenade technique for catching enemies off guard," and the "Useful" tag, the 41-second showed just about the opposite of what was advertised.

The clip starts at the Harvester POI of World's Edge, where BottlecapYT invites players to first "bait the enemy to approach with an audible lure" by letting off some precisely placed Flatline shots.

Next, BottlecapYT begins to hear some enemy footsteps and begins step two — "carefully" lining up a sky grenade.

After throwing the sky 'nade, BottlecapYT then shows off some impeccable reaction time, beaming their opponent to just about 5 hp before leaving the util to finish them off.

Ultimately, the nade placement was just a tad off, however, and it's revealed how this play could drastically backfire.

All in all, while the execution of the play wasn't perhaps up to snuff, the posting of the Reddit clip sure was, with BottlecapYT having a Helpful Award, three Wholesome Awards, four Silver Awards, seven Hugz Awards, and 3.9k upvotes to show for it as the time of writing.

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