Apex Legends Player Earns Quite Possibly the Easiest Kill

Photo Courtesy of EA Apex Legends

It's no question that Apex Legends is a game of skill. Some players have a lot of skill and others, not so much.

The winner of a gunfight can be determined primarily by skill, but can also be affected by timing and positioning. Sometimes though, the fight is out of our control and comes down to one thing, luck.

One Apex player may have used up their luck for a long time. In a Reddit clip from u/SouLjahGrill, a player falls out from the heavens above, right into the player's fire. These shots, which were meant for another enemy, instead all hit the falling player.

It's incredible that this player drops directly into the line of fire of another player. Besides everything about this play already being lucky, what seems to be a red death box also drops down with the player.

So not only, does this player get one, possibly two eliminations, but they also get the red-tier loot. Meaning they either get a free red shield or a care package weapon.

The caption of "The is [This is] literally the definition of a 'free kill' " is perfect for what just happened. Free, easy, lucky, any of these words could be used here. No matter what word you use, a play like this is very unlikely to see happen again.