Apex Legends Player Finds Animation Canceling Exploit

Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

A new exploit making the rounds in Apex Legends could save you some precious time.

Ability animations, as cool as they are, sometimes feel like they go on for a bit too long - especially if you've seen them a hundred times. In Apex specifically, abilities tend to leave players locked into an animation for a few seconds. Any Apex player knows that a few seconds could be all it takes for an enemy to gain the upper hand, so what if there was a way to perform the ability without losing time?

That's what one Reddit user managed to figure out, at least when using a controller.

Apex Legends Player Finds Animation Canceling Exploit

User RossBobSquirrel took to the r/apexuniversity subreddit to post a video detailing how they were able to cancel an ability animation.

The trick is to use your Ultimate Ability immediately after using your tactical. This somehow manages to cut down the animation time, leaving you ready to take action once again.

RossBobSquirrel goes into more detail for each Legend in an accompanying YouTube video.

So far, it seems the exploit only works when using a controller. Additionally, the trick tends to work better on some Legends more than others. For Gibraltar, players using this exploit would be able to pull out their weapon before the Dome of Protection lands, saving a pretty decent amount of time.

The exploit also works with Bloodhound, Horizon, Wraith and more. As mentioned, the exploit works better for some Legends than others. Pathfinder, for example, doesn't work quite as well. Players would only be able to cancel the grapple ability before it takes effect.

It certainly seems like this trick could be useful in the field, particulary if you like your matches to be fast and chaotic. Give it a try next time you're logging into Apex Legends and see if it works to your advantage.