Apex Legends Player Finds Exploit for Explosive Hold

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends player found a rather interesting exploit involving the explosive hold. As players know, the explosive hold can only be opened through animation and an explosive. Either a frag grenade, arc star, or thermite grenade will work. The problem is that it can be very loud, alerting enemy players to your position, or you end up using your only grenade.

That's where Redditor u/yaboigrafix comes in handy. Based on their clip, there could be a way to open an explosive hold without using the grenade - but you will still make a loud sound.

As you can see in the clip, you need to start the animation to open the door. At the same moment, open your inventory and drop the grenade. This will save your grenade and the game won't realize the explosive is missing. The door will explode open as usual and your grenade can be found on the floor.

Some believe this is a cheat or exploit, but it's mostly just a broken system. The post has been kept up in hopes that Respawn Entertainment will see it and fix the problem. In reality, this is an extremely minor problem. Apex Legends is in a much better place when it comes to cheaters and exploits compared to Warzone. Expect a fix rather soon.