Apex Legends' Caustic has a unique skill set and not surprisingly, is extremely annoying to play against due to his traps. While on the open field he's an easy target, inside close spaces like buildings or the Bunker, he's a nightmare.

Apex Legends allows you to shoot the bottom of the traps to dismantle them, but not that might not be even enough.

Reddit user 107azure found you can drop a trap between cracks in certain houses. The space is small and hard to see, but if you go above the cracks, you can drop the traps down in-between.

The room is fairly easy to escape, so you may need to pair it with Wattson to make it effective. Apex Legends recently started Season 2 with a new Legend, game balance changes, map changes and the addition of a Ranked mode.

If you were ever to jump in the series, now's the time!

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment