Apex Legends Player Highlights Apparent Boosting Issue on Bahrain Ranked Servers

"A lot of work to get a rank you don't deserve."
"A lot of work to get a rank you don't deserve." / Respawn Entertainment, madfish_csgo

It appears an Apex Legends player has discovered perhaps one of the most broken ranked situations in the battle royale genre at the moment — players boosting on Bahrain servers.

As most longtime Apex players can likely attest to, the game has had its fair share of cheaters over the years by just about any stretch of the imagination. Recently in particular, however, it appears one Redditor has discovered that cheating is simply completely on another level in a certain region.

On Dec. 19, u/madfish_csgo posted a two-minute video seemingly highlighting the blatant, rampant cheating going on in Apex Legends' Bahrain servers.

From matches simply starting with just seven players, to aimbotting hackers simply boosting each other at Respawn Beacons, the clips compiled in the video appear to showcase just how busted the ranked matches are in the region.

In the comments, madfish_csgo added that it takes about 1-2 minutes to get into these games, which is odd considering how empty they are.

"A lot of work to get a rank you don't deserve," u/ InSAnE219xX commented. "Same with buying a boosted acc. What's the point of this?"

Ultimately, the Reddit thread by madfish_csgo has since been taken down from r/apexlegends for breaking its "No Calls to Action" and "Cheating or Exploit Posts" guidelines. Nonetheless, it does seem like this is a situation Respawn Entertainment might want to check out, considering it appears these players are outright farming RP on a frequent basis with little-to-no repercussions.