Apex Legends Player Hits an Odd, Yet Satisfying Trickshot

Trickshotting is one of the most entertaining and exciting parts of online video gaming.

The origination of the practice might not have an exact date and game, but it's evolved over the years and into countless titles. Apex Legends, one of the most popular battle royale titles, playres are no strangers to trickshots. As apparent by one of the front page posts on the game's Reddit.

Check out this odd, yet visually satisfying clip from user Timothyredx19.

Apex Legends Player Hits an Odd, Yet Satisfying Trickshot

the trickshot takes place in the training ground area with the player using Pathfinder.

After damaging the dummy with a Wingman, WakeupTimm (as known in-game) shoots up and starts making moves with Pathfinder's handy abilities. Once WakeupTimm hits the apex (no pun intended) of his zip line, the player enters the menus and changes Legends to Wraith.

Once using Wraith, it appears like WakeupTimm hits a 360 rotation followed by a no-scope with the legendary Kraber sniper rifle.

A shot like this would be impossible to accomplish since you can't change characters mid-game, but it's impressive nonetheless in training.

Photo courtesy of Apex Legends