Apex Legends Player Illustrates Custom Map With All Hot Zones

Photo courtesy of u/Tomenski

Apex Legends players may have a preference dropping in hot zones for better supplies, but what if the entire map was just hot zones?

Reddit user u/downvotesoup illustrated an Apex Legends map originally made by u/Tomenski, with just hot zones on the map.

The map contains 29 hot zones coming from different maps on Apex Legends. From the World's Edge map there's Refinery, Fragment East, and other hot zones from other maps like Command Center and Barometer from Storm Point.

The idea of the map comes from u/Tomenski, where they named it a 'Frankenstein' map and 'Hot Drop City.' Redditors have questioned some of the hot spots on the map like Swamps and how this map could actually be real. The schematics of the map and the size made viewers question if this would be a map suitable for 100 players.

In addition, Respawn could potentially be adding the feature of having 100 players in private matches compared to their lobbies of 60 now. A datamine revealed this information and could be something Respawn is currently testing to accommodate Storm Point, Apex Legends largest map.

This map is not an official map or playable map in Apex Legends itself, and though the map is fan-made, where would you be dropping in this map?