Apex Legends Player Lands Incredible Diving Kick to Save Teammate

This Apex Legends player landed a deadly kick from this height.
This Apex Legends player landed a deadly kick from this height. / Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

The mad scramble for weapons at the start of any Apex Legends game leads to some of the game's craziest, most chaotic moments. When the availability of weapons tilts out of one's favor, ingenuity becomes a player's best friend.

In this clip, posted to the Apex Legends subreddit Saturday by u/Reidzyt, Reidzyt and his duo partner land at the same location as an enemy Loba who immediately grabs a shotgun. The Loba one-shots Reidzyt's partner, but Reidzyt manages to punch her off the building their standing on and revive their teammate.

Reidzyt and their teammate hesitate a moment on their rooftop wondering what to do. Do they wait until Loba and her teammate leave the area with all the loot? Or do they drop to try to fight them without guns?

Reidzyt's teammate decides to drop, drawing Loba and her teammate out into the open. Reidzyt throws their only weapon from the rooftop, a single thermite grenade, and it deals massive damage to the Loba, knocking her down. Only her teammate is still standing, and she's also taken damage.

In a desperate last attempt, Reidzyt slides off the rooftop and soars through the air to land, perfectly, heel first on the head of the enemy, killing them and saving the game.

As impressive as the kill is, the highlight of the clip is Reidzyt's pure glee at landing the kick.