Apex Legends Player Lands Nasty Double Sniper Shot

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends can have some wicked shots especially when it comes to a sniper. Because of the movement in Apex Legends, landing insane shots can be even more difficult, then add in the ability to fly around the map, and this shot lands in legendary status.

Let's be honest, if this shot just hit one player it would be impressive, but hitting two is special. As one comment said, "2 person collateral, one was a headshot and other a bodyshot." Getting the double knock would have been even better, but one was enough.

The comments were pretty spectacular, congratulating the moment and also joking about the ridiculousness of the clip. "Fun fact if you get hit for 232 out of the air your game automatically uninstalls itself." One comment had a simple request, "Please put a nsfw tag on this, holy fucking shit, like wow, yowza, that’s extremely bonkers, like pretty silly dude."

Fans have a lot more to be excited about in the coming weeks and months. Plenty of leaked content has hit the internet including a recent leak. On Monday, HYPERMYST posted a video showcasing what appears to be leaked footage on an "Acquire the Ball" LTM in Apex Legends.

The video also shows what appears to be an upcoming team deathmatch map consisting of a city on Storm Point. On top of that, a massive Apex Legends leak has made its way to Reddit allegedly showing off nine upcoming Legends, five or more weapons, and new lore. If fans so choose, they can take a glimpse at content planned for the next year or so.

However you look at it, Respawn Entertainment has a lot planned for the future.