Apex Legends Player 'Laser Beams' Final Squad With Supply Drop RE-45

"Damn, freakin laser beams."
"Damn, freakin laser beams." / Respawn Entertainment, Nieglas

With the launch of Season 15: Eclipse in Apex Legends, perhaps one of the more under-the-radar gameplay changes Respawn Entertainment made was moving the RE-45 Auto into the Crate Rotation.

With the move, the RE-45 quite literally went from a medicore ground loot option to a rare game-changing over night. This was perhaps showcased perfectly recently by an Apex Legends player on Reddit.

On Monday, an Apex player named Nieglas, aka u/Equivalent_Milk_3603 on Reddit, shared a clip of them using the RE-45 Auto that has quickly gone viral — perhaps for all the right and wrong reasons.

As shown in the 17-second clip, Nieglas can be seen absolutely beaming an entire squad with the Supply Drop pistol to win the game in a seemingly extra satisfying fashion.

"That moan is the funniest thing I’ve heard in days," u/Trepeld commented.

"This is why I don’t understand my teammates always passing it up like everybody did the care package Rampage last season," u/CallMeNurseMaybe commented. "Best gun in the game right now and it’s not even close."

Ultimately, as other players have acknowledged as the clip continues to garner views, the RE-45 Auto is a very strong option at the moment as not only was its damage increased from 12 to 14, but it was also given integrated Disruptor Rounds, which increase damage to shielded targets by 30%.

"For real though the RE45 [right now] is bananas," u/BasedSylveon commented. "I picked it up last night after seeing your clip and it literally was the only reason why we won. It came in super clutch when i had to res my teammates. So thank you!"