Apex Legends

Apex Legends Player Makes a Shield Cell in Their Art Class

"The top comes off, so its usable."
"The top comes off, so its usable." / Respawn Entertainment

It's hard to deny that when it comes to anything related to popular video games such as Apex Legends, recreating any of their commonly seen items in real life is pretty darn cool.

That's exactly what has gone pretty viral on the r/apexlegends subreddit in recent days as one fan of the game seemingly took the time to recreate a Shield Cell in their art class.

The post of the Shield Cell pot was posted on Reddit by u/PlentyAd5204, who mentioned that they made the entire thing in their art class.

As seen in the photo, the Shield Cell seems to have been sculpted with a ceramic material, and then painted to match the look of the shield-restoring item in-game.

The post has garnered over 3.6k upvotes since its initial upload on Sunday, Oct. 16. In the comments, PlentyAd5204 confirmed that the top of the pot can indeed be removed to store items inside it.

Others replied that the piece was "such a good idea" as a container for M&Ms or as a cookie jar.

Of course, it's fitting to see more new fanart for Shield Cells, considering the healing animations for the Syringe, Medkit, Shield Cell, Shield Battery and Phoenix Kit were all recently updated in Apex Legends with the Beast of Prey Collection Event patch.

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